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A smart and User-Friendly Software to manage and maintain rosters from the smallest to the largest Institution or Department in the country, such as Police, Fire and Rescue, Security Agencies, Corrections Departments, T.S.A, Border Patrol, Customs, and any Military branches. If your organization is serious about accurately Scheduling and Staffing all your personnel, sworn or civilian personnel, then this is the software to use. It is equipped with all the necessary tools to schedule, staff and manage your entire organization with accuracy. The System comes with the most used Units already pre-installed such as Patrol, Homicide, Motors, K9, Burglary, Robbery, Dispatch, Mounted, etc. but it can accommodate hundreds more Departmental Units with ease. Its Web Designed environment would let you browse efficiently throughout the entire tool from anywhere in the world via an Internet-connected computer web browser, tablet, or mobile device with ease. Unlike other systems, this tool will maintain an accurate historic, present, and future analysis of any target activities such as Rosters, Time Off Manipulation, Overtime Assignments, Employees Transfers, Report Analysis, Bids, Employees Assignments, Profile Adjustments and much more. Its security management will allow the Software Administrator to grant or deny users access to some, or to all parts of the system. Forget Excel and other ambiguous tools which constantly create erroneous data entry by copying and pasting. This scheduling Software will generate, store and maintain its data with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Here are some Features.

Unlimited Integration of Units such as: Patrol. K-9. Homicide. Burglary. Robbery. Special Investigations. Internal Affairs. Gangs. Training. Mounted. Communications Dispatchers and many more. Quarterly and Yearly Bids Capability allows you to Bid from anywhere in the world. Events Integration such as Catastrophe, Riots, Storms, Public Events and more. Off Duty Jobs Control and Off Duty Requester. Built in Auditing system. Fully integrated Users Access Rights Control. Roster Generator with Accuracy. Notification System via Text and E-Mail. Automatic Employees Transfers. Smart Roster Forecaster. Advanced Reporting System. Blackout Dates Control. Fleet Control with Roster Synchronization, Radio Shop Control with Roster Synchronization.